Beginner Ghostwriter Playbook

A 5-Step Guide To Create An Irresistible Offer, Land Your First $5,000 Client, & Quit Your 9-5

(Even If You’ve Never Sold A Writing Service Before)

Ready to land your first high-ticket ghostwriting client (and finally quit your 9-5)?

  • Use a simple 2-step process to create your first ghostwriting offer

  • Get a cold outreach strategy that actually works (so you can build your business in private)

  • Ghostwrite anything for anyone with a simple (but powerful) writing framework

  • This playbook has everything you need to create an in-demand ghostwriting offer, land $5,000 clients, and build your solopreneur business.

Written by Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole, the co-founders of the Premium Ghostwriting Academy 👻

300+ writers trained to become Premium Ghostwriters.

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Here's everything that's inside:

Framework 1: How To Create A Lucrative (And In-Demand) Ghostwriting OfferFramework 2: Land 4-Figure Clients Without Building A Large Audience (So Your Boss Never Finds Out)Framework 3: The 1 Strategic Shift To Make Sales Call Easy And Land More $$$ DealsFramework 4: The 6 Steps To Ghostwriting Anything For Anyone (Even If You Don't Consider Yourself A "Writer")Framework 5: 4 Ways To Give Your Clients A Premium Service (Which Creates Referrals On Autopilot)

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Here's What Some Of Our Students Are Saying About The Program

As soon as you join PGA, you are given a complete “Crash Course” on how to scale yourself from $0 to $10k per month as a ghostwriter.

Anyone Can Go From 0 to 1: Becoming A Premium Ghostwriter (Even With No Previous Experience!)

Even if you’ve never ghostwritten anything before, we can get you up to speed!Susanne is a terrific case study in just how quickly a brand new ghostwriter can start closing high-ticket clients.When she joined the Premium GhostwritingAcademy, Susanne had never worked as a ghostwriter before, but was excited to get up to speed on writing, packaging, and selling Educational Email Courses (EECs).Although it took her ~30 days to nail down her niche, as soon as it clicked, she landed her first high-ticket client almost immediately.

Chad is another fantastic example of this.When he joined PGA back in May, he had never ghostwritten anything before. But he trusted the process and followed our blueprint.And exactly 90 later, he was able to hit his first $10,000 month—and now is preparing to scale his ghostwriting business to the next level.

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